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Understanding No Deposit Bonuses

How does this happen? The catch is that once you choose the NDB (and most do), you are no longer eligible for the deposit-based offer, as it is only available to newbies. By default, once the NDB is claimed, players are no longer considered 'new'. Though this is not always the case, it is important to read through terms and conditions to see how any advertised bonuses will play out. If possible, opt for online casinos in which the NDB does not prevent you from claiming any future deposit welcome packages.

Aside from looking out for whether or not the no deposit offer will void any opportunity to claim a deposit-based bonus, the NDB can be positive for players having a small or no bankroll. But, pay close attention to playthrough requirements as well, as these can be a major hassle. Be on the lookout for disguised NDBs, too, which may come in the form of free spins, free tournaments or free play. Each of these offers may result in the scenarios outlined above.

Despite the information you've just been given, there is another vital piece of information that should never be forgotten. Online casinos are out for themselves, and they don't tend to like giving money away, so most of these promos will have little expected value. Once again, it cannot be stressed enough how imperative it is to read through provided terms & conditions FIRST.

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